How UWCCorp (or its’ alias “Home Cash Package”) tried to Silence a Blogger



It was only when I logged into my email, I saw this message:

“Web hosting account deactivated”

How that I know Home Cash Package tried to silence me? I posted an email reply to my web host, requesting an explanation of the website and instance that resulted in my web hosting account deactivation. Here was the reply…

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Do You know of any UWCCorp weblinks?

If you know of any links belonging to/associated with Universal Web Consulting, please post them in the Comments section here to help expose the scam. Anything you post will make a big difference. Here are two known links that belong to UWC-





I have started with UWC Corp. W ith everyone saying I’ll start selling right away and then kept getting phone calls to help up date my web site for a fee and training which I have been receiving. Have not made a cent and was promised that Christmas would be good. I fell for this, how stupid was that. It is selling for different companies for a %. That would be okay if hadn’t gone into debt thinking I would start paying that down within a couple of weeks. I write the company I said I was dissatisfied and thought it was a scam. I did get a call right away but much was not done except drop my monthly fee of 30.00 for 6 months. Started training to but high products on my site. I still fell like I have been scammed. I am in debt at the tune of $ 8000.00 over this. Can I do anything. Thank you

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Expert: stevewlawreplied 1 year ago.

stevewlaw : Hi [USERNAME], my name is XXXXX XXX I will do the best to help you. My advice is general only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. I just did some quick online research on UWC Corp., or Universal Web Consulting. There are many reports that this is a scam and a ripoff. I see they are located in Phoenix, in the State of Arizona. I don’t know what the contracts or agreements look like that you signed with them. I presumed you signed something before you gave them $8000. I would let them know that you want a refund and will return everything to them that they provided to you, but that you want out of your agreement. You need to let them know that the statements and “guarantees” that they made to you were blatantly false, and that the services they provided to you were not worth anything near the $8000 that you have paid. In order to establish fraud or misrepresentation, you need to establish that they made false or misleading statements to you in order to induce you to do something, i.e., spend $8000. You need to establish that you relied on their false statements, and that you have been damaged because of that.

stevewlaw : If they do not willingly refund all or a significant part of your money, I suggest that you report them to the office of the Arizona Attorney General. They don’t take kindly to con men who pray on those on a fixed income looking to make an easy return on their money. I believe that the AZ Attorney General would take a serious look at UWC. That is the best way for you to start. You may very well have to file a justice court complaint against UWC in order to get your money back. You may be able to find a lawyer to take the case on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you pay nothing until you get a recovery. You can look up the Maricopa County Bar Association referral service to find an attorney who might be able to help you.

stevewlaw : I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I was speaking with a woman last night in a similar situation, who became very leery of the business when they asked her for $5000 and said they would give her the documents after she sent them her money. This was, of course, after taking her for $1200 already. I feel your pain. Companies like this should be shut down for good.

stevewlaw : I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know how things turn out. Please don’t forget to provide me with your positive feedback. Steve

stevewlaw : I just found this on Just Answer as well. Please read. I am sorry and wish I had better news for you.

stevewlaw : another blog you should check out….

stevewlaw : Have you been able to check out those sites? I wanted to follow up with you. And please don’t forget to provide me with your positive rating so that I may be compensated for my time. Thank you so much.

stevewlaw : I would appreciate your positive feedback for my efforts to help you.

stevewlaw : How did things turn out? I would appreciate your positive feedback.

Beware of UWC’s Phishing Scam


Im writing you because all attempts to talk to Amex customer service, dispute department, as well as complaint department were exhausted. This letter regards a charge that I disputed on October 10th 2011 value of $2,667.09
October 4, 2011-Everything started when I received e-mails from my friend Suzanne Chan (see attached copies), with whom I exchange e-mails since 2008. In these e-mails I received, (she?) was inviting me to buy a business website and try, because she already tried it and she is very successful and happy with the money and the cheques she receives every month.

October 4, 2011-At first I was indifferent for (her?) invitation, but when I received the second e-mail from her, because of her persistence, and I know very well that my friend Suzanne is very careful and calculating person when it comes to making money. I decided to give it a shot, and I clicked on the link included in the e-mails (nowadays these links direct you to inexistent websites). And I signed up with UWC Universal Web Consulting to buy a website which was charged to my Canadian Tire VISA Card (see attached statement).

October 5th 2011-The next day, I have received a call from UWC offering me a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service to promote the purchased website, which I agreed on and I was charged on my Amex Card (see attached statement).
October 4th & 5th 2011-Meanwhile, I kept received emails from my friend Suzanne inviting me to try the website, although I sent her an e-mail thanking her for her referral and asking her for some tips. It strikes me then. I knew that something is wrong. I send her an email asking her if she sent me all these invitations for this website, she answered me saying that her email address was compromised and someone hacked into her email and contacts is sending all these invitations. She apologized and  was obliged to change her email address.

October 5th 2011-Soon I found out that was a scam, I called UWC and I cancelled their services. They accepted and they refund me the website cost and other charges attached to it (see attached statements from Canadian Tire VISA), except the SEO charges, which I disputed with Amex October 10th. In return, Amex sent me a letter informing me that within 6-8 weeks I will be receiving a letter with the outcome of the inquiry. To my total surprise, until now this letter is not received yet, and someone from Amex Dispute Dept informed me that the suspended amount was released to UWC, a verdict that I rejected and I wanted badly to provide my facts to counter and reverse Amex decision.
December 6th 2011-I called Amex in following up on the outcome of the inquiry. Amex email me back saying the case was closed and documents of the investigation were sent on Dec 1st, which I never received. I called in many times December 2011 and January 2012 and the letter still not received. Although everyone I talked to, in Customer Service Department and the Dispute Department promised they will send these documents ASAP. Im outraged, and asking for your help.

The dilemma Im facing now is that with all this delay in receiving the outcome of the inquiry, I have to pay the charge, and I lost the opportunity to re-open the file and dispute the charges again based on facts that I possess: e-mails credit card statements showing the refund, proving that UWC should refund the SEO charges as they did to the original website.

The question is obvious, how can you promote a website which is no longer belongs to me?
In their letter addressed to Amex, UWC did not mention that the website was cancelled and refunded to me.

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UWC Corp charges your Credit card without your consent


Universal Web Consulting sold me for 1.95 a three-day period. After that, they creative web consulting team, extended all without my consent and began withdraw money($89.85) from my credit card without my consent too.
I canceled my credit card and asked refund my money back. I never give at Universal Web Consulting my credit card number again.

UWC uses fraudulent tactics


The company Universal Web Consulting does not deliver what is promised. After paying the $1.95 and then the 89.95 for other “perks” to enhance the services to make money they call and offer you programs ranging from 1700-7000. These programs are for one-on-one assistance and “guarantee” thousands of customers/traffic to increase sales on a retail website they say they will help you set up. They do not unless you buy the programs. Within a week they charged 29.95 for the next month’s web hosting which I was not told I was purchasing. They have widgets for Amazon. However, they are NOT affiliates of Amazon and are only third-party link associated. Also, upon further investigation I found that the link to their site was from a fake news release and fake person claiming to make thousands. Just Google “Kelly Richards home business” and you will see it is a scam. They customize the “news” to be local by capturing your IP address and putting it in the “article.” Then the link to Universal Web Consulting is embedded. Further searching shows multiple reports of fraud by this “Kelly Richards” and her aliases and Universal Web Counsulting out of Phoenix, AZ. Please warn others that this is not to sign up with Universal Web Consulting or else they will be paying for information on how they make money…..not how you, the consumer, can make money. Research on your own and open your own website. It may take more work but it is your money and not theirs!!

How does UWC take your money?


Universal web consulting is a scam company that take your money and give you very little in return. Universal web consulting will suck you in with claims of earning money and lots of it. They will tell you that they will help you every step of the way with one on one consultation. The truth is you get one hour a month of one on one consultation. The fact is they are too busy to care about who you are or whether your online business will work for you. Universal web consulting sales people become uncontactable soon after they have your money. I was told I can replace my income and pay off my debts with this business. They tell you they are selling you a training package however you get little training and little direction. I spent a fortune and would like to warn you of their tricks. They offer a website with templates and Amazon commission affiliate account. This makes you no money because why would anyone buy from you on your amateur estore. Just as realise you are not selling anything and something needs to be done. Another sales person phones you they have a solution for you and that is to give them more money and they will sent you up with drop shipping suppliers and high profit selling. Universal web consulting make it sound so good and so easy the light bulb goes off and you think thats it I need this to succeed. Then you realize they do not have enough trainers to train you so you get people who read off training cards and give you a couple of suppliers at a time. The problem is most of these suppliers are not very good and you will be lucky to sell anything. Once again UWC is not to be found. The only way you will learn is to teach yourself by research and reading. Their training packages start at $2500 and go up to $5000 for 12 months unlimited one on one consultation. This is a blatant lie Universal web consulting will not make you money they will show you how they make money. Please be warned.

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