The “Mary Steadman” Scam


Are fake news sites the next big thing? If the alarming number of fake news sites with fake stories about fake blogs are any indication – the answer is a resounding yes! Most of the fake news sites talk about a fictitious woman named “Mary Steadman” who claims “I get paid about $25 for every link I post on Google and I get paid every week… I make around $5500 a month right now”.

One thing that the fake news sites DO get right is that “Mary’s story is a very familiar one in these tough times”. That’s true since there are over 1000 fake blogs perpetuating the myth that you can make big money “just by posting a link on google”.

If you want to see a list of over 1000 of the fake blogs, Click here to read Michael Brown’s article called “Make Money Posting Links on Google Scam”.

Some of the fake news sites do post disclaimers like “This publication is an article advertisement for Google Profit Kits”, “This publication is an article advertisement for Easy Google Profit”, or “This publication is an article advertisement for Google Biz Kit” (I noticed that many of those are now redirecting to a product called CashSecretClub).

But one of the stranger things about these fake news sites is that they have an “ADVERTISMENTS” section ON the advertisement itself and to my eye the word “ADVERTISEMENTS” on the right is quite a bit bigger than the advertising disclaimer on the top (note, not all sites have the disclaimer).

I haven’t determine how many of the fake news sites are similar to the actual newspapers in that area. If anyone lives in one of the area that the following fake news sites claim to be from it would be interesting to know if they sound like a newspaper in your area. You can post that information in the comments section if you like. Here’s a list of the fake news sites I’ve seen:

Click Here for the list.

Below are example images of the fake news articles-


“The Washington Chronicle”/”Saint Louis Daily News” (?)


“NY Times”/Miami Gazette News” (?)

The article from was published in June 2009. These fake news sites are no longer up and running.