I responded to an article on Yahoo, Claiming a full time income could be earned by working from home on-line

I was called at 9.00pm (GMT)by a skilled salesperson who pushed extremely hard to sell me a package costing approximately US$1200, when I hesitated, he tried to reduce the price which eventually became US$1000

Now looking at my account I have paid $1000 +$700 +$995 all for one thing, “Training package” $2695 seems excessive! when so many ‘free’ packages exist

I did receive Live traing over the telephone but that merely followed the on-line package provided; other included items were ‘Traffic (5000) and ebay super seller, neither of which has had any impact

My total expenditure is now $28140, with zero income after 3 years, UWC  have now stopped billing me for hosting fees ($29.95?month) as a gesture but I am still $28140 out of pocket with no prospect of retrieving any of my outlay.

I cannot even sell the website. nobody will buy a site with zero income

Promises of a regular reliable income have only put more money into the account of UWC

The article was posted on September 09, 2015


UWCCorp Back To Their Old Tricks

Remember UWC’s “Make Money Posting Links On Google” scam? They have now gone back to advertising bogus jobs at Google. Click on the screen copy below-


What will Google have to say about their name being used in this latest scam?

Business as usual for UWCCorp

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Notice how the spam comments are identical despite advertising different URLs. These messages have been appearing all over the web such as on Youtube, social media and news sites etc.. I typed in the domain “job-files.com” and was led to this familiar page-

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Yes, Kelly Richards is back!

Click to enlarge.

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Clicking on the link on this webpage I was taken to another familiar site-

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

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Note the text on the right on the screen copy saying “Next cheques go out on January 1st 2015”. There isn’t going to be any cheques going out!

Help stop those scam artists from getting their $10k+ Christmas presents and warn your friends on social media to avoid these bogus sites!

How UWCCorp (or its’ alias “Home Cash Package”) tried to Silence a Blogger

Source- http://forexpipmaker.empowernetwork.com/blog/how-home-cash-package-tried-to-silence-me-over-my-disparaging-review


It was only when I logged into my email, I saw this message:

“Web hosting account deactivated”

How that I know Home Cash Package tried to silence me? I posted an email reply to my web host, requesting an explanation of the website and instance that resulted in my web hosting account deactivation. Here was the reply…

Click here to read the article.


UWC Corp will HARASS You

Source- http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-623-385-8207

27 Nov 2012
got a call from this no , all the guy was intrested in was for me to give him my credit card no inorder to pay for a website where i can sell prdts for amazon,sony.com,real network and unbeatable sales .com as an affiliate marketer online. i think it was a scam to make me pay $474 for this so call amazing website they were going to help me design.he claimed to be working for universal web consultants.
carebear10ca replies to doris
27 Nov 2012
I just got the identical phone call. I told him that I couldn’t afford more than $200 and his “as low as $100 to start” became $179.99. He got annoyed when I told him that I didn’t have a working credit card. I told him to call back next week or to leave me a phone number so I could call him because I needed to talk to my husband about it since it was such a large amount of money at christmas time. He started to pressure me and I politely asked him to stop. He pretty much told he to suck-it-up because that is how businesses are run. I promptly hung up on him. He instantly called back and my husband spoke with him. He was pushy and rude to my husband so he hung up as well. The guy instantly called back again. We told him to “lose our phone number” and hung up again. He called back AGAIN in which we had to tell him that his phone number would be blocked and he would be reported if he continued to harrass us. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a scam even if I did get his company information from a respectable site. I will be calling the anti-fraud hotline tomorrow to let them know about my phone call.
harrassed in canada by jerk in arizona
7 Dec 2012
My adult child signed up for information on this money making ‘venture’ while she was visiting us. She provided our home phone number. He called her while she was at our home and she told him that she didn’t have time to talk to him and that she wasn’t interested afterall. He pressured her on the phone until she hung up. Well he called our number a couple days later. I told him our daughter doesn’t live with us, that this is not her phone number, that I would pass along a message to her if he wanted to leave his name and number and she would call him. He hung up on me without a word. He called back this morning assuming that I was her when I answered. I told him that she doesn’t live here, that this is not her phone number, that this is not her address and I would appreciate it if he’d just stop calling. He told me that I can not make that request, that he will only stop calling if he is told by my adult child. I tried to explain to him again that she doesn’t live with us and that this in NOT her number and that he will have to just accept that and stop his calls. He kept telling me that I had to listen to him and I had to let him speak. I explained that this is my phone and NO I don’t have to listen, he needs to listen and stop calling. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he refused, I asked for his name and he refused. that’s when my husband took the phone. My husband agressively told this man to stop harrassing me and that he needs to take our number off his list. The man kept insisting that my husband needed to just listen to him. Using extremely ‘strong’ language in a loud deep angry voice my husband made it clear that we did not in fact have to listen to him, that he has to stop calling. The man became childish and antagonistic but would not agree to desist in future calls. We have spent the last few hours tracking his number…. we have also discussed some very fun and creative ways to deal with him should he be stupid enough to call our number again. It only takes a few minutes to trace someone and plug it into google earth 🙂
p.s does anyone have the website this parasite operates from…. It would be a very useful tool for us to know what this scam is that he’s been calling about.

UWC Corp’s Online “Career” Package

Source- http://usaconsumercomplaints.com/miscellaneous/508877-online-career-package-uwc-corp-mymonthlywebfeecom-.html

p.s The toll free numbers most probably aren’t toll free. Your Cellphone number has probably been bugged too (plus you will receive e-mails), read more below…

Introduction (These are all part of the same thing):

1. Online Career Package Review (Created by them) – http://onlinecareerpackagereview.com/

2. Online Income Solution – www.onlineincomesolution.com

3. The Cash 1234 System – www.the-cash1234-system.com

4. Melissa Johnston (Scam) is in many other countries.

5. ” Career Journal Online (Scam) ” http://www.careerjournalonline.com/newsupdate/workfromhome/vcrebill/nz/

6. ” Online Career Package (Scam) ” http://onlinecareerpackage.com/qvx/?publisher=CD1624&sub_id=AFFvcbizrebillnz

7. ” My Monthly Web Fee (Scam) ” mymonthlywebfee.com

8. ” UWC CORP (Scam) ” http://uwccorp.com

Yesterday I stumbled across ” Online Career Package (UWC CORP, My Monthly Web Fee) ” but it has many names.

This is the web address journey they took me on, but I imagine this thing has many more lines to it. I went from:

1. ” Career Journal Online (Scam) ” http://www.careerjournalonline.com/newsupdate/workfromhome/vcrebill/nz/ (Melissa Johnston from Nelson is also the same Melissa Johnston in many other countries).

2. ” Online Career Package (Scam) ” http://onlinecareerpackage.com/qvx/?publisher=CD1624&sub_id=AFFvcbizrebillnz

3. ” My Monthly Web Fee (Scam) ” mymonthlywebfee.com

4. ” UWC CORP (Scam) ” http://uwccorp.com


I received these emails after proceeding with the package that they offered: (I chose “All 3 Revenue Boosters (Sony Store, Real Networks, Accutrak)$89.85”)

I have attached 2 e-mails below.

1st Online Message after transaction

Your purchase transaction will be shown
on your credit card statement as follows:

mymonthlywebfee.com 1.95
mymonthlywebfee.com 89.85
Your Receipt
Online Home Income System$0.00
Exclusive 5-Day Trial Activation$0.00
Instant Access to your Online Website Business$0.00
Over 1 Million Preloaded Products & Services$0.00
Video Tutorial$0.00
Toll-Free Support$0.00

All 3 Revenue Boosters (Sony Store, Real Networks, Accutrak)$89.85
Sub-Total: $89.85
Activation Fee: $1.95
Total: $91.80

EMAIL 1: Orders at cbhostfee.com “Thank you for your online order!”

Dear ‘James’,

Congratulations! Your purchase is approved and instant access to your online business has been successfully enabled.
Important – Please read and then write down the following information. Or, print this email – before closing this page.

We know you’re anxious to start making money, and we’re excited to help you get started. So as soon as you log in, follow the simple prompts to activate your new online business. In just 3-easy steps, it’ll be ready to start making you money right away!

Log into your Back Office at: http://uwccorp.com


Don’t delay logging in to your Back-Office! Follow the simple prompts and put your website to work for you today! And just a reminder… if you would like to change the card we will use for your $29.95 monthly hosting fee, click the “My Account” tab after you login to your back office.

Regarding your credit card statement: Your purchase transaction will appear on your next credit-card statement as shown here: $1.95 cbhostfee.com.

We want to hear from you anytime you need assistance, so we make that easy for you too. We encourage you to call us toll-free, using the number shown below.

If you’re calling from:
US: (888) 230-7531
CA: (888) 230-7531
UK: (0808) 234-3469
AU: (1800) 607-928
NZ: (0800) 452-364
ZA: (0800) 981-427
IE: (1800) 550-499
SE: 020-793-292
DE: (0800) 181-3943
NO: 800-10-674
SG: 800-130-1952

Our Customer Support Hours are:
Mon – Thurs 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Fridays 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sat & Sun 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

To view the current time at our offices copy the link below and paste it into your browser’s address bar:
To Your Success!
Your Customer Support Team

EMAIL 2: Customer Support ” ‘James’ Trying to reach you…”

We would like to welcome you on board with us, and would like to confirm that you have received the Express Set-Up Email of your new business. If you have not received the Express Set-Up Email, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Your Username is:
Your Password is:

Click or copy the following link to go to your back office now. (http://uwccorp.com)

Thank you again for choosing us as your home business resource. We encourage you to call us toll-free anytime you need assistance. We promise to provide you with the most pleasant and thorough customer support you’ll find anywhere.

Your Customer Support Team:
US: (888) 230-7531
CA: (888) 230-7531
UK: (0808) 234-3469
AU: (1800) 607-928
NZ: (0800) 452-364
ZA: (0800) 981-427
IE: (1800) 550-499
SE: 020-793-292
DE: (0800) 181-3943
NO: 800-10-674
SG: 800-130-1952

The Cellphone/Phone Part

If you have added your cellphone number during registering for this web package, credit will quietly disappear from your phone without you even noticing.

Not long after registering for the web package my cellphone went off saying “You do not have enough credit to send that txt message, please go to bla bla bla…”

(The standard message you get from your provider when you are out of credit)

Only.. I hadn’t sent a txt.

I called my provider and they looked up on my recent phone activity and it showed I had just been interacting with a cellphone number in the UK. It wasn’t even a subscription and there was nothing they could do to stop it. They said they hadn’t seen anything like it before.

**New Credit Card
**New Sim Card

I talked on the phone to an operator from (spammy):


This is the New Zealand targeted link.

The most convincing part is the comments section at the bottom of the page, all written by the same people. Asking and resolving questions at the same time.


“Does this really work guys..? I’m a bit skeptical.. how much effort do I have to put?”

At the bottom of the page you will notice that it says “Leave a Reply” then following… “The comment section is closed.”


I called the NZ 0800 number that they provided (0800 452-229) and talked to an American guy there. I calmly said I have just signed up but have decided not to follow through with the scheme and is a refund possible (not expecting anything). He asked for the same contact details were entered earlier and said that someone would be in touch with me in the next 24 – 48 business trading hours, but if I hadn’t heard from anyone just to call back.

I did call back an hour later to try and get the code to deactivate the “subscription” that they had added to my cellphone, but they disconnected while I was still in the waiting line.

Just now (some hours later) I have received an email from F.Lukas “frefobiz@stopwastingtime.info” saying “‘James’ want to ‘ger’ your cellphone to pay you?”

You will also notice that the New Zealand number to call on pages mymonthlywebfee.com & http://uwccorp.com are both different. And the number they e-mail upon registration is different once again being 0800 452 364

Toll free…. lets wait and see what the next phone bill is going to be. (:

As of 2012, the careerjournalonline.com link and its’ bogus comments has been taken off the internet.