I responded to an article on Yahoo, Claiming a full time income could be earned by working from home on-line

I was called at 9.00pm (GMT)by a skilled salesperson who pushed extremely hard to sell me a package costing approximately US$1200, when I hesitated, he tried to reduce the price which eventually became US$1000

Now looking at my account I have paid $1000 +$700 +$995 all for one thing, “Training package” $2695 seems excessive! when so many ‘free’ packages exist

I did receive Live traing over the telephone but that merely followed the on-line package provided; other included items were ‘Traffic (5000) and ebay super seller, neither of which has had any impact

My total expenditure is now $28140, with zero income after 3 years, UWC  have now stopped billing me for hosting fees ($29.95?month) as a gesture but I am still $28140 out of pocket with no prospect of retrieving any of my outlay.

I cannot even sell the website. nobody will buy a site with zero income

Promises of a regular reliable income have only put more money into the account of UWC

The article was posted on September 09, 2015


UWC Corp’s fraudulent newspaper articles

Source- http://www.websitebabble.com/general-money-making-topics/25129-anyone-heard-uwccorp.html

because I read an article in the paper that advertised a woman who makes quite a bit of money from hm working only about 10hrs a wk using an affiliate site and I guess posting the url anywhere else she could, I thought I would join up and give it a try. UWCcorp home page didnt give a lot of information before you actually joined up (did give a free trial for about 5 days though) however that didnt really give me a lot of time to figure out that they only give you very basic info to start with, and then start to try and get you to buy one on one training, and purchase access to their resource library and tracking resources and a few other things getting quite pricey with different packages ranging from $300 to about $3,800. The website hosting itself is already $39.95 p/mth. So I created a very basic affiliate site thinking it would take off right away (yes I am a complete novice when it comes to this) and have not signed up for any training packages. I dont think my site has had any traffic and its made no money in the couple of weeks its been live, so I have been doing research on the net and getting some quite good information (for free I might add). I have realised that SBI seems to offer quite a bit of what UWC is trying to sell me on top of the website hosting and SBI charge less?!! Has anyone heard of UWC before? Is it a scam? lol
I didnt even realise when I started that unless I had a great idea for a niche market and some good content, it was unlikely the site would take off! So I started out with cosmetics as every girl loves that right so its got to be popular?! yeah but I think maybe too popular?!!! so Im actually thinking of shutting down the website until/if I actually get a great idea of something to write about and sell lol
Thank you Lisa to some really good basic info that may have saved me a headache and a lot of time wasted!

Lisa’s reply-

It makes my blood boil when I see companies fooling people into thinking you just post a link everywhere and you’ll make money. If you want to have any kind of success online today it’s about building a following of people who trust you.

What the company failed to explain is that you need to learn the fundamentals of marketing a website and you need to give people a reason to trust and value your content. So there’s no way to do that if you’re just posting links and not building up credibility.

Either that woman who supposedly succeeded is made up or she’s not telling the entire story. There are many ways to make money online but no matter what you’re doing, it starts with providing useful content (or a product) to a specific niche/audience. Build up trust by helping and providing info that is relevant/useful to them. Then monetize that traffic by selling products that relate to what they need.

It’s a much more transparent model and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on training.

How over-inflated are UWC fees?

Below is a report submitted on Ripoff Report on 05 October 2013-

I was trapped by UWC Consulting with the false promise that I could make money online by subscribing for the website for only US $ 1.95 No one bothered to inform me that there is also training cost involved.

On the very second day, marketing consultant Fran Thomas called me that I have to pay 500 US Dollars for imparting me training. However, when I declined to make this payment in Lump sum, she offered me 250 US Dollars that would be a one time fee but did not disclose the same information on their invoice that did not mentioned that this is a one time payment.

She ecouraged me to get started from today i.e. Saturday, October 5, 2013. I was so naive that I made the payment from my credit card and she entered my credit card verification number that was on the back of my card.

She also committed to impart excellent training but once I made the payment, she just asked me to review the training material and customer support would be provided to me online.

She also told me that $ 29.95 would be automatically deducted from my credit card every month by webhosting services and it has nothing to do with the UWC company.

When I tried to contact the customer support department, voice mail message informed me that they are open through Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. When I discussed with my wife, I was fortunate that she searched on internet and shared with me all the Ripoff Reports indicating that this organization is a big fraud.

I would request you to get back my hard earned US 251.95 dollars that is equivalent to Canadian 268 dollars. I am a new immigrant and every penny is important for me.  I would also request you to impose heavy fines on these fraudulent companies and abolish them from the scene as it is creating a very bad image of US and Canadian companies.

The author of this report brillianly illustrates the common tactic used by the rogue salesmen/women at Universal Web Consulting to trap you and your hard earned money by supposedly reducing for you the exorbitant fees for their “plan” packages, making out that they’re offering you a deal you can’t miss. As I recall, the “plans”, which include guaranteed traffic, search engine blast and training, were the “Standard Plan”, “Advanced Plan” and the “Deluxe Plan”. The representative also mentioned an “Economic Plan” when I queried if there was a cheaper plan than the “Standard Plan”. I don’t know if she made up those “plans” from the top of her head.

I and many others and probably you were conned out of thousands of dollars, some even TENS of thousands. Evident of the above report, they’re also happy to accept payment in hundreds of dollars, which begs the question; just how over-inflated are the fees they normally charge?

Update – Below is a comment posted on the forum site whocallsme.com on 24 November 2010-

Hi guys just wanted to say i Think I did see the advertisement on facebook and was interested in work at home I registred but then I lost interest, it would be like 5 days ago and then I got phone call today so I agreed to pay 2 dolllars to se what this is about then i was trying to set up the website then i had phone call again and the person asked me to how am I doing, i was offered training for like 2400 $ basic package, I was in complete shock as I cannot to afford to pay such a money then the person lowered money to 695 for some budget package I still couldn’t take it, then the money was lowered as low as 150 $ but I wasnt happy about it and as much as I did read already here I have a bad feelings about this and I thik it is a really SCAM, feel sorry for all people who did pay some money to them, I made similar mistake when I was Younger, good luck to get Your money back.

UWC “Training” a waste of time

Source- http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Universal-Web-Consulting/Phoenix-Arizona-AZ-850/Universal-Web-Consulting-Not-a-good-company-to-get-involved-with-Training-substandard-F-943951

From my own personal experience, I was originally looking for work and stupidly excepted the promises of this company, they stated that they would get me earning money. “That on hindsight was the wrong thing to believe” after a period of working on this website they sold me which incidentally was full of banners from affiliate links from Amazon, Sony etc being a complete newbie to the web I knew no better, but quickly learned this was not going to work. I phoned the sales rep who assured me that all I had to do was follow the training in the back office this I did and it got me nowhere so I phoned again with the sole intention of stopping the subscription but gullible me listened to them.

The next thing they threw at me was if I expected to start earning any money I would be advised to take there one to one training package which would put me on the right road and I would then start to see commissions the one on one training consisted of one session 15 minutes long per month and the excuse I received was they had a shortage of trainers and lots of people to train I queried them and stated that that was not my problem as I had paid them good money on the promises they made and requested a refund.

An hour later I had someone on the end of the phone stating that he was one of the upper management offering me a renewal on my domain name free of charge and he would stop the monthly payments until I began earning which they would ensure happens.

I went along with that but on thinking about it if they were doing this to everyone else the amount of money they were getting under I deem as false pretences, then this would not be a short fall to them.

I haven’t heard anything from them since and the very last time I spoke to them they said they had no recourse in refunding me because of what they had given me. that to me was just a way of pacifying me by doing what they did they where actually admitting liability.

I since have read of other people getting short changed by them, so I would suggest that anyone thinking of going with this company to think again and leave them well alone!

Because I am UK based I can’t use the BBB as their form does not accept English post codes, Telephone numbers, or state so other than venting my frustrations out here I am stuck! And they must have laughed all the way to the bank. some other smuck ripped off.  

*The complainant posts a further statement to his original report-

As I stated in the original report I have tried to get my money back from this company and they have responded negatively, after spending money I did not really have and having to borrow most of it to the tune of nearly a $1000 on the product web hosting, domain name, website, and rubbish training that they had the audacity to charge for.

I being green and believing them to be a genuine company who stated that they would not risk their companies reputation by not giving me a good service and guidance in making a success of the so called business they had sold me into They are very good at taking your money and leaving you to your own devices.

Their training consisted of telling you to search the internet for other peoples reports on marketing, showing sites that they claim where making good money that actually had broken links to the products that where supposed to be making the sales. stating that the website I had created was excellent by buttering me up this way they must have thought I would leave them alone, if they had only given some constructive criticism and proper guidance, proper training and a more honest approach not B.S their reputation would not get a kicking as it has, dishonesty seems to be their rule.

I am only stating the above to make others aware.

I really would like to get My money refunded but not being a US citizen I am finding it really difficult to find an organisation that would have the knowledge and representation to approach them on my behalf, the better business bureau are unreachable unless you reside in the United states and I now feel that the company has had my money B.S’d me on what they had given me.