Beware: Deceptive Work at Home Opportunities (UWCCorp) on the Loose


By Holly Reisem Hanna

I was doing some online research, when I saw an ad that said, “I make $486 every day. Work from home and earn $13,745 a month”. Red warning flags immediately went off in my head, as this looked like many of the other deceptive work at home opportunities that have been promoted in the past.

Just like the Easy Google Profits promotion, when I clicked on the ad, I was directed to a site that looked like an online news publication, called the Online Career Journal. The article on the site, stated how Melissa Johnson of Austin, Texas (my hometown) made $8,000 a month just by using a work at home kit that cost less than $50.

Because I’m familiar with this type of deceptive advertising, I immediately went to the bottom of the page where it stated the following:

“As an advertorial, this page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site. This program is not a job but an educational opportunity that can help individuals learn how to earn money through their entrepreneurial efforts. Anyone who decides to buy any program about making money will not necessarily make money simply by purchasing the program.”

So obviously, this was not true editorial content, but indeed an advertisement for a work at home kit called, Profit Web System.

But, what is Profit Web System?

When I clicked on the Profit Web System’s link, it brought me to a landing page with Angela Bussio’s image and name on it. Not being familiar with Angela Bussio, I decided to Google her. From what I could find, she appears to be a speaker, author and life coach, owning the following businesses: Attracting Joy, Design My Destiny, and Real Stress Solutions.

While I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary on her websites, I did find her Facebook Fan Page (Real Stress Solutions) of interest. Numerous individuals had left negative comments about one of her programs, Profit Master’s Academy.

I also performed a Google keyword search on “Angela Bussio + scams” and I got a lot of negative results. You can check out a few of the negative comments listed on the Ripoff Report. I decided to take my research one step further, by contacting Angela via email to see if she endorsed this program, and if she did, what exactly was it?

I never received a response back.

Basically, Profit Web Systems claims that individuals can make money by placing links for companies on various websites. They even claim, that you can make $15 per link placed. So, if you place 10 links an hour, you’ll make $150 an hour. To learn how to place these links, you need to purchase their program which is a hefty $97.

So would I ever recommend this program for individuals who want to work from home?

Absolutely not!

This type of scam has been circulating around since 2009 under various names like Easy Google Profit, Home Cash Kit, and Google Money Master.  In fact it’s become so popular, that wrote a scam alert about it.

So what red warning flags should you watch out for when looking for work at home opportunities?

  • Vague job descriptions
  • Lack of contact information
  • High payouts with little or no work
  • Poor ratings on the Better Business Bureau website
  • Deceptive marketing and advertising practices
  • Boasting fake affiliations and partnerships
  • Negative reviews
  • Too good to be true offers

If you’d like to see what this deceptive work at home opportunity looks like, you can check it out at the links below. I have also seen this type of opportunity being promoted with Kelly Nelson as the subject, and the product being called the Internet Biz Kit.

Have you fallen prey to a work at home scam?

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The views and opinions expressed on this article are solely those of the original author. 

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Update 03-03-2014 – I received this email from Angela Bussio:

Holly – I saw your article reviewing a product with my name on it and I want you to know that whomever is using my name is committing FRAUD. I am currently in conversations with FBI and Google legal to get many of these listing de-indexed and to stop using MY NAME for Adwords campaigns! Unbelievable! These are fraudulent reports and sites using my name – and it has been difficult if not impossible to track down whomever is doing this – but I think it is important that you are reporting a SCAM that is actually a SCAM!

I did a Promo video for a “friend” a couple of years  ago, in exchange for them offering my newsletter “Real Stress Solutions” ( which is what I reaLLY DO) as a bonus when they signed up. They ended up Branding the product with my picture making it look like it was my product. I have been in legal entanglements with them since and just received  a settlement to start to clean up my reputation – just as they were endicted by the FTC and had all their assets frozen.

Since then – other people have actually branded me on their products with my pictures and even made fake videos of another woman with my name on them! They have all been reported to the FTC and now many of the sites are gone. I would just like your help in getting the word out that these scams are actually scamming ME as well as the consumer.

If you would like to talk to me about this issue, I am happy to have that conversation. These are NOT MY PRODUCTS and you are advocating for people like me that get scammed. I would love to let your audience know what happened to me and how they need to be so careful who they partner up with – even if it is a “friend”. In fact I have even spoken to audiences to warn them about the unintended reputation consequences of bad partnerships.

I have never done anything to hurt anyone – in fact I personally have an “A” rating with the BBB – so this whole situation has been so upsetting to me. I am a therapist that just thought I could help more if I took my products and frame worked my therapies for consumption online. I have NEVER had any product that has anything to do with Home Based Business. I was very naive – now I am cleaning up a big mess.

Please call me if you need any more clarification and I would appreciate you clarifying to your audience the situation if you have the heart to do that. These are the links to my REAL business:

Thanks Holly – this is really important to me that the truth gets out there.

Angela Bussio,

CEO/Founder Attracting Joy University
Editor/Publisher Real Stress Solutions


UWCCorp at it again – Bogus News Site 2014

Universal Web Consulting (UWCCorp) have launched another bogus news page, the “Online Career Journal” featuring a bogus article about a jobless mum from Manchester, Melissa Johnson, making £4,000 – £5,000 a month “working” from home (sound familiar?).

I was redirected to the website after I typed in the domain, which I got from another blog, into the server.



Notice where it says “WARNING – Offer Expires On 29 April 2014” highlighted in yellow. That “expiry date” will simply be updated the next day you visit the bogus site.


The “expiry date” shown again. The link listed under “Associated Link” will take you to the registration page, just like anywhere else you click on the webpage (Do NOT click anywhere on the page).


The Terms & Conditions of the program, unusual to be featured on the webpage of any genuine news site.

Anyone who decides to buy any program about making money will not necessarily make money simply by purchasing the program. People who think “I bought these materials so I’m going to automatically make money” are wrong. As any type of education has so many variables, it is impossible to accurately state what you may expect to achieve, however, people who bought the program not only bought the program, but also undertook additional training and education, applied the principles to an area of the market that was growing, kept their commitments and continued to learn. If you do what the individuals depicted did, you may generally expect to achieve a great education in the area of your choice, but you should not expect to earn any specific amount of money. Typical users of the starter materials that don’t enroll in coaching, don’t keep their commitments and don’t implement what they learn, generally make no money.

You should not expect to make a penny at all by signing up to this scam. Notice the sentence, “people who bought the program not only bought the program, but also undertook additional training and education,”. The additional “training and education” are not purchased together with the program, they are sold seperately as a package “plan” by a representative who would later contact you to hard sell the additional package, usually for thousands of dollars (or hundreds if you negotiate hard enough). UWCCorp are lying through their teeth!

Consistent with the advertorial concept, the comments posted in the comment section are also representative of typical comments and experiences which have been compiled into a comment format to illustrate a dialogue, however, the comments are not actual posts to this webpage and have been compiled or generated for illustrative purposes only.

There you have it. UWCCorp have admitted the Comments on the webpage are all bogus.


You will see the above page as you try to exit the webpage. It mentions the expiry date is “tomorrow”, however you will get the same message when you visit the next day, day after or the next week. It also mentions a “365 day money back guarantee”. That is a total lie, there is no money back guarantee.

UWCCorp will capture your IP number in order to make their bogus news seem local. This is illustrated by the comments on the blog, Money Making Sites Reviews


On my server I have the additional “/UK7SS/” after the domain name,, as you can see on the screen copies posted here. As sneaky as UWCCorp are, I am directed to the page, shown below, whenever I delete the additional code from the domain name and hit Enter-


In order to visit the bogus news page, you will need to type in onto your server, from where you would be redirected to the site. You will get your own encrypted code after the domain name, and Melissa Johnson (or what ever other alias she uses) will suddenly be from a town or city near you, which I would highly appreciate if you could share in the Comments section below.

P.S. Here is another weblink I got from another blog

Visit the site again, but with the URL shortened to

And then, once again, visit this further shortened URL

Notice how you’re taken to a different webpage each time? Strange, isn’t it?

UWC Corp’s fraudulent newspaper articles


because I read an article in the paper that advertised a woman who makes quite a bit of money from hm working only about 10hrs a wk using an affiliate site and I guess posting the url anywhere else she could, I thought I would join up and give it a try. UWCcorp home page didnt give a lot of information before you actually joined up (did give a free trial for about 5 days though) however that didnt really give me a lot of time to figure out that they only give you very basic info to start with, and then start to try and get you to buy one on one training, and purchase access to their resource library and tracking resources and a few other things getting quite pricey with different packages ranging from $300 to about $3,800. The website hosting itself is already $39.95 p/mth. So I created a very basic affiliate site thinking it would take off right away (yes I am a complete novice when it comes to this) and have not signed up for any training packages. I dont think my site has had any traffic and its made no money in the couple of weeks its been live, so I have been doing research on the net and getting some quite good information (for free I might add). I have realised that SBI seems to offer quite a bit of what UWC is trying to sell me on top of the website hosting and SBI charge less?!! Has anyone heard of UWC before? Is it a scam? lol
I didnt even realise when I started that unless I had a great idea for a niche market and some good content, it was unlikely the site would take off! So I started out with cosmetics as every girl loves that right so its got to be popular?! yeah but I think maybe too popular?!!! so Im actually thinking of shutting down the website until/if I actually get a great idea of something to write about and sell lol
Thank you Lisa to some really good basic info that may have saved me a headache and a lot of time wasted!

Lisa’s reply-

It makes my blood boil when I see companies fooling people into thinking you just post a link everywhere and you’ll make money. If you want to have any kind of success online today it’s about building a following of people who trust you.

What the company failed to explain is that you need to learn the fundamentals of marketing a website and you need to give people a reason to trust and value your content. So there’s no way to do that if you’re just posting links and not building up credibility.

Either that woman who supposedly succeeded is made up or she’s not telling the entire story. There are many ways to make money online but no matter what you’re doing, it starts with providing useful content (or a product) to a specific niche/audience. Build up trust by helping and providing info that is relevant/useful to them. Then monetize that traffic by selling products that relate to what they need.

It’s a much more transparent model and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on training.

UWC Corp’s Online “Career” Package


p.s The toll free numbers most probably aren’t toll free. Your Cellphone number has probably been bugged too (plus you will receive e-mails), read more below…

Introduction (These are all part of the same thing):

1. Online Career Package Review (Created by them) –

2. Online Income Solution –||&s3=foreignredir

3. The Cash 1234 System –

4. Melissa Johnston (Scam) is in many other countries.

5. ” Career Journal Online (Scam) ”

6. ” Online Career Package (Scam) ”

7. ” My Monthly Web Fee (Scam) ”

8. ” UWC CORP (Scam) ”

Yesterday I stumbled across ” Online Career Package (UWC CORP, My Monthly Web Fee) ” but it has many names.

This is the web address journey they took me on, but I imagine this thing has many more lines to it. I went from:

1. ” Career Journal Online (Scam) ” (Melissa Johnston from Nelson is also the same Melissa Johnston in many other countries).

2. ” Online Career Package (Scam) ”

3. ” My Monthly Web Fee (Scam) ”

4. ” UWC CORP (Scam) ”


I received these emails after proceeding with the package that they offered: (I chose “All 3 Revenue Boosters (Sony Store, Real Networks, Accutrak)$89.85”)

I have attached 2 e-mails below.

1st Online Message after transaction

Your purchase transaction will be shown
on your credit card statement as follows: 1.95 89.85
Your Receipt
Online Home Income System$0.00
Exclusive 5-Day Trial Activation$0.00
Instant Access to your Online Website Business$0.00
Over 1 Million Preloaded Products & Services$0.00
Video Tutorial$0.00
Toll-Free Support$0.00

All 3 Revenue Boosters (Sony Store, Real Networks, Accutrak)$89.85
Sub-Total: $89.85
Activation Fee: $1.95
Total: $91.80

EMAIL 1: Orders at “Thank you for your online order!”

Dear ‘James’,

Congratulations! Your purchase is approved and instant access to your online business has been successfully enabled.
Important – Please read and then write down the following information. Or, print this email – before closing this page.

We know you’re anxious to start making money, and we’re excited to help you get started. So as soon as you log in, follow the simple prompts to activate your new online business. In just 3-easy steps, it’ll be ready to start making you money right away!

Log into your Back Office at:


Don’t delay logging in to your Back-Office! Follow the simple prompts and put your website to work for you today! And just a reminder… if you would like to change the card we will use for your $29.95 monthly hosting fee, click the “My Account” tab after you login to your back office.

Regarding your credit card statement: Your purchase transaction will appear on your next credit-card statement as shown here: $1.95

We want to hear from you anytime you need assistance, so we make that easy for you too. We encourage you to call us toll-free, using the number shown below.

If you’re calling from:
US: (888) 230-7531
CA: (888) 230-7531
UK: (0808) 234-3469
AU: (1800) 607-928
NZ: (0800) 452-364
ZA: (0800) 981-427
IE: (1800) 550-499
SE: 020-793-292
DE: (0800) 181-3943
NO: 800-10-674
SG: 800-130-1952

Our Customer Support Hours are:
Mon – Thurs 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Fridays 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sat & Sun 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

To view the current time at our offices copy the link below and paste it into your browser’s address bar:
To Your Success!
Your Customer Support Team

EMAIL 2: Customer Support ” ‘James’ Trying to reach you…”

We would like to welcome you on board with us, and would like to confirm that you have received the Express Set-Up Email of your new business. If you have not received the Express Set-Up Email, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Your Username is:
Your Password is:

Click or copy the following link to go to your back office now. (

Thank you again for choosing us as your home business resource. We encourage you to call us toll-free anytime you need assistance. We promise to provide you with the most pleasant and thorough customer support you’ll find anywhere.

Your Customer Support Team:
US: (888) 230-7531
CA: (888) 230-7531
UK: (0808) 234-3469
AU: (1800) 607-928
NZ: (0800) 452-364
ZA: (0800) 981-427
IE: (1800) 550-499
SE: 020-793-292
DE: (0800) 181-3943
NO: 800-10-674
SG: 800-130-1952

The Cellphone/Phone Part

If you have added your cellphone number during registering for this web package, credit will quietly disappear from your phone without you even noticing.

Not long after registering for the web package my cellphone went off saying “You do not have enough credit to send that txt message, please go to bla bla bla…”

(The standard message you get from your provider when you are out of credit)

Only.. I hadn’t sent a txt.

I called my provider and they looked up on my recent phone activity and it showed I had just been interacting with a cellphone number in the UK. It wasn’t even a subscription and there was nothing they could do to stop it. They said they hadn’t seen anything like it before.

**New Credit Card
**New Sim Card

I talked on the phone to an operator from (spammy):

This is the New Zealand targeted link.

The most convincing part is the comments section at the bottom of the page, all written by the same people. Asking and resolving questions at the same time.

“Does this really work guys..? I’m a bit skeptical.. how much effort do I have to put?”

At the bottom of the page you will notice that it says “Leave a Reply” then following… “The comment section is closed.”


I called the NZ 0800 number that they provided (0800 452-229) and talked to an American guy there. I calmly said I have just signed up but have decided not to follow through with the scheme and is a refund possible (not expecting anything). He asked for the same contact details were entered earlier and said that someone would be in touch with me in the next 24 – 48 business trading hours, but if I hadn’t heard from anyone just to call back.

I did call back an hour later to try and get the code to deactivate the “subscription” that they had added to my cellphone, but they disconnected while I was still in the waiting line.

Just now (some hours later) I have received an email from F.Lukas “” saying “‘James’ want to ‘ger’ your cellphone to pay you?”

You will also notice that the New Zealand number to call on pages & are both different. And the number they e-mail upon registration is different once again being 0800 452 364

Toll free…. lets wait and see what the next phone bill is going to be. (:

As of 2012, the link and its’ bogus comments has been taken off the internet.