UWCCorp (Home Cash Package) exposed on Youtube

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I have started with UWC Corp. W ith everyone saying I’ll start selling right away and then kept getting phone calls to help up date my web site for a fee and training which I have been receiving. Have not made a cent and was promised that Christmas would be good. I fell for this, how stupid was that. It is selling for different companies for a %. That would be okay if hadn’t gone into debt thinking I would start paying that down within a couple of weeks. I write the company I said I was dissatisfied and thought it was a scam. I did get a call right away but much was not done except drop my monthly fee of 30.00 for 6 months. Started training to but high products on my site. I still fell like I have been scammed. I am in debt at the tune of $ 8000.00 over this. Can I do anything. Thank you

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stevewlaw : Hi [USERNAME], my name is XXXXX XXX I will do the best to help you. My advice is general only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. I just did some quick online research on UWC Corp., or Universal Web Consulting. There are many reports that this is a scam and a ripoff. I see they are located in Phoenix, in the State of Arizona. I don’t know what the contracts or agreements look like that you signed with them. I presumed you signed something before you gave them $8000. I would let them know that you want a refund and will return everything to them that they provided to you, but that you want out of your agreement. You need to let them know that the statements and “guarantees” that they made to you were blatantly false, and that the services they provided to you were not worth anything near the $8000 that you have paid. In order to establish fraud or misrepresentation, you need to establish that they made false or misleading statements to you in order to induce you to do something, i.e., spend $8000. You need to establish that you relied on their false statements, and that you have been damaged because of that.

stevewlaw : If they do not willingly refund all or a significant part of your money, I suggest that you report them to the office of the Arizona Attorney General. They don’t take kindly to con men who pray on those on a fixed income looking to make an easy return on their money. I believe that the AZ Attorney General would take a serious look at UWC. That is the best way for you to start. You may very well have to file a justice court complaint against UWC in order to get your money back. You may be able to find a lawyer to take the case on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you pay nothing until you get a recovery. You can look up the Maricopa County Bar Association referral service to find an attorney who might be able to help you.

stevewlaw : I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I was speaking with a woman last night in a similar situation, who became very leery of the business when they asked her for $5000 and said they would give her the documents after she sent them her money. This was, of course, after taking her for $1200 already. I feel your pain. Companies like this should be shut down for good.

stevewlaw : I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know how things turn out. Please don’t forget to provide me with your positive feedback. Steve

stevewlaw : I just found this on Just Answer as well. Please read. I am sorry and wish I had better news for you.

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stevewlaw : How did things turn out? I would appreciate your positive feedback.

UWC’s “Money back guarantee” lie


On 4/29/11 I took a $1.95 trial period which would turn into a $29.95 per month and a money back guarantee in 30 days. I was not able to do anything at all with this product because of a heavy work schedule. On 5/5/11 they charged me $29.95.
On 5/17/11 I called Terrance and requested a refund. He told me that a supervisor would look into this and call me within 2 days.
On 5/20/11 since no one called me I called them again. I spoke to a clerk, who told me that my claim was investigated and that I would not get a refund. I asked for a supervisor and a Pete came on.
Pete told me that I had ordered a website (total lie) and could not get a refund. I told him that I never ordered any site from them, and again asked for my refund. He then gave me a name of a site ( something that I never heard of or could have dreamed up and said that is the site that I ordered.
These people a scam artists. They give you a super short “trial period”, claim that you ordered a site, bill you and steal from you.
Then when you speak to them they say there is no refund policy. Do Not get stuck in their scam. As you can see from the other reports on them they are TOTALLY Dishonest. Stay away.

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