The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness and to educate people about a major web scam company called Universal Web Consulting, or UWC Corp for short. They are scheming and, while operating as a legitimate company which offers training to build up an online business, they DO NOT give you that impression and they will mislead you from the start, as good as promising that your website that they set you up with will get you thousands of dollars of income that would dwarf the $30 hosting fee which they will charge you per month, while taking thousands of YOUR hard earned dollars.

All comments made on this blog are highly appreciated. @ UWC Corp, this blog will continue running until you refund every penny of what I gave you. You will know who I am by my user name-


One thought on “About

  1. A year ago, I paid nearly 3000 dollars to this company in the hope that I would have have a workable online business. After a while it became very clear to me that all was not well! Basically, I was lied to. The salesman made it all sound so easy. He said I could start making money immediately which I now know was never possible. He said that I would easily make my money back in no time at all. He implied that I would make enough to have complete financial freedom. And anyone could do it!

    After four months, having made nothing at all, I wrote to their customer services to air my concerns. To appease me, they gave me extra tools to use. After six months, having used the tools but still seeing no return, I asked for a refund. They ignored my request, gave me more tools to play with and pretty much blamed me because, according to them, I hadn’t done enough marketing. (Very easy get out of jail free for them. After all, how long is a piece of string?)

    Actually, I had worked really hard on this doing everything that their trainers had told me to do.

    I spent another two months working on it, but still inspite of all my efforts, saw no improvement to the situation. At this point, I decided that I was stopping. I just wanted my money back. I didn’t want to enter into any more lengthy conversations because all that was doing was prolonging the agony. I had already wasted my money and did not want to waste any more of my time.

    The reason I have such a problem with this company is because they lie and deceive in order to make a sale. They use the Amazon name. They grossly exaggerate the earning potential and forget to mention the possible risk. By that I mean, you could find, and most probably will find, that you make nothing at all!

    I have asked several times for a refund, but have been ignored.

    They have told me that they have thousands of very happy customers, but I am yet to find one. However, if they do exist, I am very happy for them. But I am not a happy customer and I put it to them that if they are as successful and as genuine as they want everyone to believe, they should be able to withstand the odd complaint or refund request! Genuine companies with integrity will offer a money back guarantee.

    The sales people are con people. Crooks! Thieves! Harsh I know! But they know exactly what they are doing and they knew full well when they took my money off me, I stood no chance of ever getting what I paid for!


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