UWCCorp at it again – Bogus News Site 2014

Universal Web Consulting (UWCCorp) have launched another bogus news page, the “Online Career Journal” featuring a bogus article about a jobless mum from Manchester, Melissa Johnson, making £4,000 – £5,000 a month “working” from home (sound familiar?).

I was redirected to the website after I typed in the domain homewealthsolution.com, which I got from another blog, into the server.



Notice where it says “WARNING – Offer Expires On 29 April 2014” highlighted in yellow. That “expiry date” will simply be updated the next day you visit the bogus site.


The “expiry date” shown again. The link listed under “Associated Link” will take you to the registration page, just like anywhere else you click on the webpage (Do NOT click anywhere on the page).


The Terms & Conditions of the program, unusual to be featured on the webpage of any genuine news site.

Anyone who decides to buy any program about making money will not necessarily make money simply by purchasing the program. People who think “I bought these materials so I’m going to automatically make money” are wrong. As any type of education has so many variables, it is impossible to accurately state what you may expect to achieve, however, people who bought the program not only bought the program, but also undertook additional training and education, applied the principles to an area of the market that was growing, kept their commitments and continued to learn. If you do what the individuals depicted did, you may generally expect to achieve a great education in the area of your choice, but you should not expect to earn any specific amount of money. Typical users of the starter materials that don’t enroll in coaching, don’t keep their commitments and don’t implement what they learn, generally make no money.

You should not expect to make a penny at all by signing up to this scam. Notice the sentence, “people who bought the program not only bought the program, but also undertook additional training and education,”. The additional “training and education” are not purchased together with the program, they are sold seperately as a package “plan” by a representative who would later contact you to hard sell the additional package, usually for thousands of dollars (or hundreds if you negotiate hard enough). UWCCorp are lying through their teeth!

Consistent with the advertorial concept, the comments posted in the comment section are also representative of typical comments and experiences which have been compiled into a comment format to illustrate a dialogue, however, the comments are not actual posts to this webpage and have been compiled or generated for illustrative purposes only.

There you have it. UWCCorp have admitted the Comments on the webpage are all bogus.


You will see the above page as you try to exit the webpage. It mentions the expiry date is “tomorrow”, however you will get the same message when you visit the next day, day after or the next week. It also mentions a “365 day money back guarantee”. That is a total lie, there is no money back guarantee.

UWCCorp will capture your IP number in order to make their bogus news seem local. This is illustrated by the comments on the blog, Money Making Sites Reviews


On my server I have the additional “/UK7SS/” after the domain name, limitedtimeopportunity.com, as you can see on the screen copies posted here. As sneaky as UWCCorp are, I am directed to the page, shown below, whenever I delete the additional code from the domain name and hit Enter-


In order to visit the bogus news page, you will need to type in homewealthsolution.com onto your server, from where you would be redirected to the site. You will get your own encrypted code after the domain name, and Melissa Johnson (or what ever other alias she uses) will suddenly be from a town or city near you, which I would highly appreciate if you could share in the Comments section below.

P.S. Here is another weblink I got from another blog


Visit the site again, but with the URL shortened to http://betterlivinginsider.com/biz/

And then, once again, visit this further shortened URL http://betterlivinginsider.com/

Notice how you’re taken to a different webpage each time? Strange, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “UWCCorp at it again – Bogus News Site 2014

  1. Matt says:

    I found this on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/300Day-On-your-schedule/744843635537864?sk=timeline

    They keep at it so many times. This time there is a new alias, Olivia Johnson from Ottawa. Its from the Canadian version of Career Journal. I spotted the ad on Facebook. It describes many of the same things that were mentioned on this blog. http://limitedtimeopportunity.com/CA/

    I followed the steps as mentioned and it led me to this website https://secure.securinghomeincome.com/?publisher=PD100&sub_id=FEED_CA2
    This is a little different then what you showed in the video, but the overall principle is the same.

    We have to do something. Lets put these scam artists and fraudsters in jail


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