UK to tighten law on Cold Calling (and what this means for UWC Corp)

Companies that make unsolicited calls to consumers are to be hit with heavy fines under new laws in the United Kingdom. (click here to read the article)

The proposals will focus on companies which offer financial products and utility companies which use third party lists to target consumers, says the Government.

Powers to impose hefty fines will be granted. Nuisance callers such as PPI firms which gather information from unsolicited calls or texts and make spurious claims over payment protection insurance face fines up to 20 per cent of turnover.

The Nuisance Calls Action Plan, launched by the Department of Culture, has been developed with the help of the Information Commissioner’s office, Ofcom and consumer rights champion Which?


Culture Secretary Maria Miller said last night: “Nuisance calls must stop. At best they are an irritation and an unwanted intrusion. At worst they cause real distress and fear, particularly to the elderly or housebound. People need to feel safe and secure in their homes. The rules are clear; people have the right to choose not to receive unsolicited marketing calls.”

Also if you’re in the US and you’ve registered under the National Do Not Call Registry, then UWC Corp are breaching certain laws by calling you. If that is the case, you can file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

Users register for a website with Universal Web Consulting through this site-

Here is a disclaimer posted on the site-

*Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product(s) and its potential. Any claims made or examples given are believed to be accurate, however, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase. Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation–as well as other factors not always known and sometimes out beyond your control. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital. By ordering the Income Infuser membership package or any related products/services, you agree to all terms. Please read all agreements, notices and disclaimers before purchasing anything.

To quote, “Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product(s) and its potential. Any claims made or examples given are believed to be accurate,” So those fraudulent claims in their ads of people earning around $500 a day are “accurate”? Take note, you can use this in your complaint against them as they have blatantly lied to you.

This is the link to their Terms & Conditions-

Nowhere does it say on their Terms & Conditions that you will receive phone calls by a UWC salesperson to hard sell their $1K+ “packages”, nor that you are agreeing to such calls by registering.

Incidently, the same website offers a 60 day money back Guarantee, providing you allow a minimum of two weeks for results, if the program isn’t working for you, in which case you would get a FULL REFUND.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

But, chances are, you HAVE tried to get that refund, and UWC Corp have refused it. By law, UWC Corp MUST honour their guarantee, however they would make up all sorts of excuses not to honour it, like how you didn’t follow up on their training or you never really gave them a chance.

More likely then not, they will claim the website through which you register is NOT owned by them and is a third-party entity, in which case they are admitting liability for breaching rules against cold calling.

Either way, file your complaint to the Financial Trade Commission. Or if you reside in the UK, complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


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