UWC’s Ghost Traffic

Universal Web Consulting sold us what is known as “guaranteed traffic” as part of their packages. It may be misrepresented as a free side package on your UWC receipt (see screenshot taken from Scamradar, below) but, as a UWC representative will tell you, you HAVE paid for it as part of the package. So what is guaranteed traffic? Contrary to what UWC claims as blasting your website globally to webservers in the form of those annoying pop-up ads (which can get blocked anyway provided the users have the right software, included in many anti-virus packages), guaranteed traffic is bogus traffic. They use bots that visit your website, pusing up your “hits”; no human will ever see your website. Guaranteed traffic does not help with search engine rankings or Alexa ratings, it is purely fodder for the hit-counter.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

You can find guaranteed traffic suppliers and get far more reasonable deals just by typing “Buy online traffic” on a search engine, assuming you would want to waste money on such a thing. But just how legit is the guaranteed traffic provided by UWC? Here is a comment posted on whocallsme.com on 18 November 2010-

The hit-counter on one of their clients websites still stuck on 29412 for the last 10 days now.  When they went through the marketing spiel with me they asked me how many hits my site had had and then asked me to check how many hits one of their client’s site had had, but as I said previously the 29412 hits on the internet site www.bandtcottage.com is just bogus.  Other points to watch for.  1. It is true that they will set you up will an affiliates programme with Amazon, but any Tom, Dick or Harry can do that themselves by simply going direct to the Amazon web site and join their affiliate programme directly, so UWC are not giving you any added value there. 2.  You can check out very limited information on Univeral Web Consulting by going to the following internet link and typing in Univeral web consulting in the company search box :  http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/connect.p?app=names-report.p

And another comment from the same website, dated 25 December 2010-

I listened to the representatives spiel and how do you explain the high pressure selling techniques????? How do you explain a phone call from a number that belongs to a company called “World Market Systems”????? I thought you guys were Universal Web Consulting????? How do you explain the “BS” bandcottage website and the fact that it is still at 29412 visitors????? It’s been like that since November!!!!! Do not try and mess with our heads because you know what, it is not working. For all the others out there who are reading this message, you are hearing me loud and clear. DO NOT GET STARTED WITH THIS PROGRAM!!!!!

Coincidently, you may have noticed the comment in the screenshot saying the same thing about a different website belonging to UWC. And here is a comment from the same website, whocallsme.com, which provides some interesting reading (21 November 2010) –

I found that the hit counter would go up overnight, sometimes by 50 hits, sometimes by 75. I had a counter from another site which shows all the details and last night there was 15 hits and UWC had put up my counter by 50. Tomorrow I will be going to my bank to stop any further payments. I have found on my bank statement that payment goes to different companies. Some of these company names are : Internet Solution.  Sour Peoria. Biz Peoria. The big payments go to UWC Corp.
Once again, be very careful people.

So a hit-counter from another site shows different figures to that of UWC’s. Maybe UWC are just cutting corners and simply tweaking their hit-counter?

As of 2012, possibly due to some legal reasons, UWC got rid of their hit-counter. Where their hit-counter used to be now has the small print, “[domain name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.”

Shouldn’t UWC refund our money that was supposedly spent on “traffic”?


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