How over-inflated are UWC fees?

Below is a report submitted on Ripoff Report on 05 October 2013-

I was trapped by UWC Consulting with the false promise that I could make money online by subscribing for the website for only US $ 1.95 No one bothered to inform me that there is also training cost involved.

On the very second day, marketing consultant Fran Thomas called me that I have to pay 500 US Dollars for imparting me training. However, when I declined to make this payment in Lump sum, she offered me 250 US Dollars that would be a one time fee but did not disclose the same information on their invoice that did not mentioned that this is a one time payment.

She ecouraged me to get started from today i.e. Saturday, October 5, 2013. I was so naive that I made the payment from my credit card and she entered my credit card verification number that was on the back of my card.

She also committed to impart excellent training but once I made the payment, she just asked me to review the training material and customer support would be provided to me online.

She also told me that $ 29.95 would be automatically deducted from my credit card every month by webhosting services and it has nothing to do with the UWC company.

When I tried to contact the customer support department, voice mail message informed me that they are open through Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. When I discussed with my wife, I was fortunate that she searched on internet and shared with me all the Ripoff Reports indicating that this organization is a big fraud.

I would request you to get back my hard earned US 251.95 dollars that is equivalent to Canadian 268 dollars. I am a new immigrant and every penny is important for me.  I would also request you to impose heavy fines on these fraudulent companies and abolish them from the scene as it is creating a very bad image of US and Canadian companies.

The author of this report brillianly illustrates the common tactic used by the rogue salesmen/women at Universal Web Consulting to trap you and your hard earned money by supposedly reducing for you the exorbitant fees for their “plan” packages, making out that they’re offering you a deal you can’t miss. As I recall, the “plans”, which include guaranteed traffic, search engine blast and training, were the “Standard Plan”, “Advanced Plan” and the “Deluxe Plan”. The representative also mentioned an “Economic Plan” when I queried if there was a cheaper plan than the “Standard Plan”. I don’t know if she made up those “plans” from the top of her head.

I and many others and probably you were conned out of thousands of dollars, some even TENS of thousands. Evident of the above report, they’re also happy to accept payment in hundreds of dollars, which begs the question; just how over-inflated are the fees they normally charge?

Update – Below is a comment posted on the forum site on 24 November 2010-

Hi guys just wanted to say i Think I did see the advertisement on facebook and was interested in work at home I registred but then I lost interest, it would be like 5 days ago and then I got phone call today so I agreed to pay 2 dolllars to se what this is about then i was trying to set up the website then i had phone call again and the person asked me to how am I doing, i was offered training for like 2400 $ basic package, I was in complete shock as I cannot to afford to pay such a money then the person lowered money to 695 for some budget package I still couldn’t take it, then the money was lowered as low as 150 $ but I wasnt happy about it and as much as I did read already here I have a bad feelings about this and I thik it is a really SCAM, feel sorry for all people who did pay some money to them, I made similar mistake when I was Younger, good luck to get Your money back.

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