UWC “Training” a waste of time

Source- http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Universal-Web-Consulting/Phoenix-Arizona-AZ-850/Universal-Web-Consulting-Not-a-good-company-to-get-involved-with-Training-substandard-F-943951

From my own personal experience, I was originally looking for work and stupidly excepted the promises of this company, they stated that they would get me earning money. “That on hindsight was the wrong thing to believe” after a period of working on this website they sold me which incidentally was full of banners from affiliate links from Amazon, Sony etc being a complete newbie to the web I knew no better, but quickly learned this was not going to work. I phoned the sales rep who assured me that all I had to do was follow the training in the back office this I did and it got me nowhere so I phoned again with the sole intention of stopping the subscription but gullible me listened to them.

The next thing they threw at me was if I expected to start earning any money I would be advised to take there one to one training package which would put me on the right road and I would then start to see commissions the one on one training consisted of one session 15 minutes long per month and the excuse I received was they had a shortage of trainers and lots of people to train I queried them and stated that that was not my problem as I had paid them good money on the promises they made and requested a refund.

An hour later I had someone on the end of the phone stating that he was one of the upper management offering me a renewal on my domain name free of charge and he would stop the monthly payments until I began earning which they would ensure happens.

I went along with that but on thinking about it if they were doing this to everyone else the amount of money they were getting under I deem as false pretences, then this would not be a short fall to them.

I haven’t heard anything from them since and the very last time I spoke to them they said they had no recourse in refunding me because of what they had given me. that to me was just a way of pacifying me by doing what they did they where actually admitting liability.

I since have read of other people getting short changed by them, so I would suggest that anyone thinking of going with this company to think again and leave them well alone!

Because I am UK based I can’t use the BBB as their form does not accept English post codes, Telephone numbers, or state so other than venting my frustrations out here I am stuck! And they must have laughed all the way to the bank. some other smuck ripped off.  

*The complainant posts a further statement to his original report-

As I stated in the original report I have tried to get my money back from this company and they have responded negatively, after spending money I did not really have and having to borrow most of it to the tune of nearly a $1000 on the product web hosting, domain name, website, and rubbish training that they had the audacity to charge for.

I being green and believing them to be a genuine company who stated that they would not risk their companies reputation by not giving me a good service and guidance in making a success of the so called business they had sold me into They are very good at taking your money and leaving you to your own devices.

Their training consisted of telling you to search the internet for other peoples reports on marketing, showing sites that they claim where making good money that actually had broken links to the products that where supposed to be making the sales. stating that the website I had created was excellent by buttering me up this way they must have thought I would leave them alone, if they had only given some constructive criticism and proper guidance, proper training and a more honest approach not B.S their reputation would not get a kicking as it has, dishonesty seems to be their rule.

I am only stating the above to make others aware.

I really would like to get My money refunded but not being a US citizen I am finding it really difficult to find an organisation that would have the knowledge and representation to approach them on my behalf, the better business bureau are unreachable unless you reside in the United states and I now feel that the company has had my money B.S’d me on what they had given me. 

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