Beware of UWC’s Phishing Scam


Im writing you because all attempts to talk to Amex customer service, dispute department, as well as complaint department were exhausted. This letter regards a charge that I disputed on October 10th 2011 value of $2,667.09
October 4, 2011-Everything started when I received e-mails from my friend Suzanne Chan (see attached copies), with whom I exchange e-mails since 2008. In these e-mails I received, (she?) was inviting me to buy a business website and try, because she already tried it and she is very successful and happy with the money and the cheques she receives every month.

October 4, 2011-At first I was indifferent for (her?) invitation, but when I received the second e-mail from her, because of her persistence, and I know very well that my friend Suzanne is very careful and calculating person when it comes to making money. I decided to give it a shot, and I clicked on the link included in the e-mails (nowadays these links direct you to inexistent websites). And I signed up with UWC Universal Web Consulting to buy a website which was charged to my Canadian Tire VISA Card (see attached statement).

October 5th 2011-The next day, I have received a call from UWC offering me a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service to promote the purchased website, which I agreed on and I was charged on my Amex Card (see attached statement).
October 4th & 5th 2011-Meanwhile, I kept received emails from my friend Suzanne inviting me to try the website, although I sent her an e-mail thanking her for her referral and asking her for some tips. It strikes me then. I knew that something is wrong. I send her an email asking her if she sent me all these invitations for this website, she answered me saying that her email address was compromised and someone hacked into her email and contacts is sending all these invitations. She apologized and  was obliged to change her email address.

October 5th 2011-Soon I found out that was a scam, I called UWC and I cancelled their services. They accepted and they refund me the website cost and other charges attached to it (see attached statements from Canadian Tire VISA), except the SEO charges, which I disputed with Amex October 10th. In return, Amex sent me a letter informing me that within 6-8 weeks I will be receiving a letter with the outcome of the inquiry. To my total surprise, until now this letter is not received yet, and someone from Amex Dispute Dept informed me that the suspended amount was released to UWC, a verdict that I rejected and I wanted badly to provide my facts to counter and reverse Amex decision.
December 6th 2011-I called Amex in following up on the outcome of the inquiry. Amex email me back saying the case was closed and documents of the investigation were sent on Dec 1st, which I never received. I called in many times December 2011 and January 2012 and the letter still not received. Although everyone I talked to, in Customer Service Department and the Dispute Department promised they will send these documents ASAP. Im outraged, and asking for your help.

The dilemma Im facing now is that with all this delay in receiving the outcome of the inquiry, I have to pay the charge, and I lost the opportunity to re-open the file and dispute the charges again based on facts that I possess: e-mails credit card statements showing the refund, proving that UWC should refund the SEO charges as they did to the original website.

The question is obvious, how can you promote a website which is no longer belongs to me?
In their letter addressed to Amex, UWC did not mention that the website was cancelled and refunded to me.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

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