Don’t give UWC Corp your Details!


Found a very appealing invitation on internet a couple of months ago saying if you want to earn a profitable business online. So I sign up, but when they ask for my credit card or debit card details, I cancel the registration not knowing they have saved my details. A few minutes later someone phone me about it from Phoenix persuading me to try it with only $1.95 for the whole month. With all the promising videos and talks on the phone I gave up and fell into the trap. I developed my websites and promote stuffs for like a merchandiser with them telling me how to do it. My websites looksamazing and very professional. I was then anticipating my earning like what they show in the videos: Once you’re online you’re website will start earning! Well then I was full of anticipation, hoping that this will work and I can earn money from home.

Unfortunately, day after day I check my website’s earning and to my dismay it’s $0.00! Every night I have received a phone call almost from different agent telling me to improve the website. And to improve it I have to pay this and that. They are asking me how my financial situation is and I told them I got no job and I need an income especially towards Christmas. They take advantage of my situation telling me if I invest time and money to my website they will be helping me to reach my goal and dreams, (which all a sweet words from scam bugs of course)! I was so naive to believe those people, and pay almost 400 for an online course to improve my website and providing the guaranteed 2,500 visitors to my website in 6 months. And every night they still phoned me and telling me to give them more money so my website will start earning! I was frustrated of listening to them after a while and I realized I’ve been scammed! Phoned my bank to cancel my card. I don’t know how long they closed my website because it is now inactive!

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