UWC’s “Money back guarantee” lie

Source- http://www.scamexposure.com/scam-report/universal-web-consulting-universal-web-consulting-c85419.html

On 4/29/11 I took a $1.95 trial period which would turn into a $29.95 per month and a money back guarantee in 30 days. I was not able to do anything at all with this product because of a heavy work schedule. On 5/5/11 they charged me $29.95.
On 5/17/11 I called Terrance and requested a refund. He told me that a supervisor would look into this and call me within 2 days.
On 5/20/11 since no one called me I called them again. I spoke to a clerk, who told me that my claim was investigated and that I would not get a refund. I asked for a supervisor and a Pete came on.
Pete told me that I had ordered a website (total lie) and could not get a refund. I told him that I never ordered any site from them, and again asked for my refund. He then gave me a name of a site ( something that I never heard of or could have dreamed up and said that is the site that I ordered.
These people a scam artists. They give you a super short “trial period”, claim that you ordered a site, bill you and steal from you.
Then when you speak to them they say there is no refund policy. Do Not get stuck in their scam. As you can see from the other reports on them they are TOTALLY Dishonest. Stay away.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

Click to enlarge screen copy.

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